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Our Flat Fee MLS service allows you to list your home on the local MLS and for a low fee. Get the exposure and support needed to sell your home today.

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What is "MLS"?

MLS stands for "Multiple Listing Service". Most people refer to the MLS as if it were one large database of homes nationwide, which is incorrect. There are actually more than a thousand individual MLS boards across the country and are all separate from each other! When a Realtor looks on their local MLS in Miami, they can't see the listings in the Jacksonville MLS. That's why it's so important to be listed in the correct local MLS.

There are a lot of national websites, like, that aggregate listings from all these MLS boards, and put them on one giant website, this is called an IDX (information data exchange). Some information, such as commissions offered to agents and owner contact information, is only displayed on the local MLS for agents to see, and not the national public websites. Agents will only be able to get the home owners information through the MLS.

Why you need a Realtor to list your home in MLS

Only a licensed real estate broker who belongs to the MLS and pays the MLS dues and fees is able to list a property. An individual can't simply post an "ad" in MLS, like placing an ad in a newspaper. The real estate broker is also responsible for the accuracy of the listing, and keeping it current. For example, the broker can lose his MLS membership or pay heavy fines if a property is under contract or sold, but still listed as "Active" in MLS. When you list with us, a licensed broker who belongs to the MLS where your property is located will be assigned to your listing.

If you list with a typical 6% Realtor, and the property sells, you pay the whole 6%, even if the buyer is your neighbor and the Realtor didn't do anything other than put his sign in the yard and enter the listing in MLS. It gets worse - if you read the fine print in the typical 6% listing contract, you'll notice that you owe the entire commission if you want to cancel your listing early, or if you lease the home without the agent's permission! The main reason so many sellers sign such contracts is that they never read them.

Why being listed in MLS is so important

  1. MLS stands for "Multiple Listing Service", and is "the real estate market".
  2. Over 90% of all properties sold in the US are as a result of MLS listing exposure.
  3. Being listed in MLS means all the local Realtors can find your home in their MLS database.
  4. Buyers can find your home on thousands of public MLS websites, where they are most likely to be searching for a home.
  5. MLS listed properties (for sale by owner or not) sell faster and for more money than non-MLS listed "for sale by owner properties.

Why a Flat Fee MLS Listing is better than listing with a 6% Realtor

  1. You get the same MLS listing in the same local MLS for a one-time low Flat Fee instead of 6%.
  2. If you sell your home without a buyer's agent involved, there is zero commission.
  3. More exposure on hundreds of national MLS websites. Many 6% Realtors limit the exposure to public


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